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This page explains how to associate your Office 365 subscription with U-BTech Solutions, to receive a single Exchange Tasks 365 Free Edition license.

Starting with version 1.6, Exchange Tasks 365 supports a new "Free Edition" (formerly "Partner on Record Edition"). Organizations who associate their Office 365 tenants with U-BTech Solutions are entitled for a single, free-of-charge license for this new edition.

How to Associate My Office 365 Digital Partner of Record?

To configure U-BTech Solutions as your Office 365 DPOR (Digital Partner of Record), follow these instructions:

Exchange Tasks 365

1. Go to the Office 365 admin Portal.

2. Log into your account using your Global Admin Account.

3. In the admin center, click on Billing, then Subscriptions.

4. Choose a subscription, then More Actions.

5. Click on Edit Partner of record


6. Insert U-BTech Partner ID: 2347484 and Click Check ID to make sure the typed number resolves to U-BTech Solutions LTD.

7. Click Submit to complete assigning your Partner of Record.

8. Repeat this scenario with all your subscriptions.

9. If you need any assistance, subscribe U-BTech as your delegated admin by clicking here.

After you assign a Partner of Record, the partner will receive an email notification that lets them know that you have assigned, changed or removed your Partner of Record.

​Final Steps:

  1. We will process your request as soon as we receive a confirmation e-mail from Microsoft.
  2. You will then receive your product key and free updates as long as you keep U-BTech Solutions LTD as your Office 365 partner.
  3. If you did not receive your product key within 2 business days, please send the name and e-mail address of your organization to and we will reply with an activation key.
  4. Download Exchange Tasks 365, install it and enter the license key.


What is Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)?

Digital Partner of Record (DPOR), also known as the Microsoft Subscription Advisor, usually refers to your Microsoft Cloud Service partner. This Partner will typically be a Microsoft Certified Partner, specializing in Microsoft applications and services.

U-BTech Solutions is such a company, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, specializing in Microsoft solutions such as: Exchange, System Center, Skype For Business, SharePoint, Office 365, Intune, Azure, Yammer and more.

Setting or changing the Partner of Record for your subscription does not give us access to your data, has no impact on the support you already receive from Microsoft, and does not cost you anything!