FreePass management portal by U-BTech Solutions allows the organization's employees to change and reset their password independently.

FREEPASS - Easy and secure way for changing and resetting passwords

FREEPASS management portal by U-BTech Solutions allows the organization to provide a friendly interface to the end users so they can change and reset their passwords independently, without the need to contact the helpdesk and while still maintaining privacy and security at the highest level. The portal eliminates the need to contact the support team at the organization and free their valuable time to deal with other IT issues and challenges.

The product can be installed on any server that can run IIS 7.0 or higher and supports external publishing through products such as TMG or UAG. If necessary, you can also install the product in a distributed deployment with a front-facing DMZ network.

FREEPASS : Main Features

The product supports dealing with password change requests as well as password reset requests. In the case of a password change request, the user is authenticated using Active Directory. In the case of a reset request, the system sends an OTP (One Time Password) with configurable lifetime. The system can monitor all actions in fully documented and detailed logs, which can then be submitted as a report by e-mail. It is also possible to design the user interfaces and web pages as you choose and according to the organization's brand.

If the organization does not work with a local Active Directory environment, all of these processes are supported in an Office 365 environment and the public cloud services of Microsoft.

At U-BTech Solutions, we invested a lot of time effort, resources and thought to make the product as friendly to the end users as possible and yet meet the most strict standards in terms of security and safety. The product is built using the latest .NET technologies.

Installing FREEPASS

Installation Prerequisites:

Suitable for any environment with either an External or Internal Active Directory configuration.
To enable internet-facing password management, FREEPASS requires an IIS 7.5 server exposed to the Internet and an internal Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher with .NET 4.5.2 and above able to communicate with the Active Directory.
All communication is initiated from inside the network so no ports need to be opened or accessed from outside the organization.
Read this PDF guide for installing .net framework and IIS server.
Read this PDF Installation guide to see you through the initial setup.

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