Exchange Tasks 2007


Turns your Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) console into a powerful tool for managing Microsoft Exchange 2007 recipients!

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is a great scalable messaging solution for small, medium and
enterprise organizations, but with all it's wonderful advantages it lacks one thing almost
every system and messaging administrator requires: A familiar management tool.

Most administrators were used to manage their messaging environment using a single management interface, The Active Directory Users and Computers MMC Snap-In. Previous Exchange versions extended this snap-in to include some Exchange management functionality. Exchange Server 2007 does not extend the ADUC snap-in and includes a single management interface, The Exchange Management Console.

U-BTech's EXCHANGETASKS 2007 extends the ADUC snap-in to include all the great management tools and screens we have all gotten used to over the years, with some major improvements like Bulk Exchange commands & operations for multiple objects selected, even whole Active Directory Containers !

The installation is quite simple and absolutely does not affect the Active Directory Schema. Once the product has been installed it is accessed in the same fashion as all the previous built-in management tools using the ADUC snap-in.

EXCHANGETASKS 2007 is the ultimate tool for your help desk staff as well as your IT administration needs, try it and choose your edition of licensing today !


Main Features

Feature Trial Edition Lite Edition Enterprise Edition Premium Edition
Manage users, mailboxes and groups on Exchange Server 2007
Integrated into the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) console
Can run bulk operations on multiple objects with only a few clicks
Central management of options and functionality using Group Policy (GPO).
Usage limits 15 days 75 user mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited
Licensing Free!
Lite Edition
Enterprise Edition
Premium Edition
Installation Package Latest version: (released )
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Download size: 10,590,064 bytes (10.10 MB)

Prices are for a single user usage. Volume discount prices are available.


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Flash Demonstrations


Exchange Tasks 2007 Screenshots

These are a few screen shots of the common uses and functions available while using EXCHANGETASKS 2007.


This is how an object 's properties page looks like after installing EXCHANGETASKS 2007:



The EXCHANGETASKS 2007 menu as it appears under Active Directory Users and Computers MMC Snap-In:



Active Directory Containers - Bulk operations ! This is the object creation screen for EXCHANGETASKS 2007 which appears whenever you right-click on a container in Active Directory:



The Exchange Tasks 2007 main screen with multiple objects selected as an example:


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