U-BTech Code of Conduct

U-BTech Solutions LTD obey to the highest standards of ethical behavior and regulatory compliance when we sell, distribute, or market our own and third party’s products and services. All our employees are required to comply with our Values, Anti-Corruption Policy and laws.

Our Core Values

Our standards and values reflect our continued commitment to ethical business practices and legal compliance.

integrity & honesty

Honesty and integrity are demonstrated not just in the extraordinary but in the everyday decisions we make. We treat our business associates equally and sees clients as equal partners in its success.

Openness & respectfulness

We never act in a manner that could be perceived as threatening, intolerant, or discriminatory.


Accountability is about taking responsibility for the commitments you make. We build trust over time with our customers.


Us dedicate ourselves to high quality of products and services. Each of us consistently ask ourselves and co-workers how can be a better version of our selves

Complying with Laws, Regulations & Policies

Intellectual Property

We comply with the laws and regulations that govern the rights to and protection of our own and others’ intellectual property including copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

Fair Competition and Antitrust

We comply with the laws and regulations designed to promote healthy competition. Antitrust laws and fair competition laws generally prohibit activities that restrain trade and restrict competition. We conduct our business in compliance with these laws.

Regulatory Investigations, Inspections, and Inquiries

We are direct, honest, and truthful in our discussions with agency representatives and government officials. During investigations, inspections, and inquiries we cooperate by responding promptly to appropriate requests for information.


U-BTech prohibits corruption of government officials and the payments of bribes or kickbacks of any kind, whether in dealings with public officials or individuals in the private sector. U-BTech is committed to observing the standards of conduct set forth in Israel and the applicable anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws of all the countries in which we operate. No U-BTech employee or U-BTech representative will suffer adverse consequences for refusing to pay or take a bribe or kickback, even if this results in the loss of business to U-BTech.

Trade Controls

U-BTech complies with the laws and regulations related to the export, re-export, import, and use of our software, products, devices, components, services, and technical data. These trade controls place compliance obligations on U-BTech and on our suppliers or partners related to international distribution of U-BTech products, services, or assets.

Gifts and Hospitality

U-BTech requires the use of good judgment, discretion, and moderation when giving or accepting gifts or hospitality in business settings. Any gifts and hospitality given or received must follow the law, not violate the policies of the giver or recipient, and be consistent with local custom and practice.

We do not solicit gifts, hospitality, or favors of any value from persons or firms with which U-BTech does business currently or prospectively. Nor do we act in a manner that would place any supplier, partner, or customer in a position where he or she may feel obligated to make a gift, provide hospitality, or provide personal favors in order to do business or continue to do business with U-BTech.


We recognize our right and responsibility to lobby on behalf of issues that affect our company and business operations. We comply with applicable lobbying regulations.

Purchasing Decisions and Practices

In our purchasing decisions, negotiations, contract development, and contract administration, we comply with the applicable laws and regulations that govern those relationships and expect the same from our suppliers.

Suppliers and Partners

U-BTech suppliers and Partners must adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and regulatory compliance and operate in the best interest of U-BTech. Suppliers and partners are expected to provide high-quality services and products while maintaining flexibility and cost-effectiveness. All suppliers are required to read and comply with the U-BTech Code of Conduct.